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Darth Vader by 0KittyNoname0 Darth Vader :icon0kittynoname0:0KittyNoname0 6 10
Killed by a broken heart
Ahsoka sat down up against a tree where her captain, her Rex, was sitting, crying his heart out whilst holding a bottle of bear in his hand. She knew what she had done and now felt stupid. "Rex?" she whispered.
"Please, leave me alone," he replied in a deep, croaky voice.
"Rex, I just wanted you to know that what you saw was nothing personal……"
"So why did you kiss him back?" he cut her off.  She paused for a moment. "Rex, I just needed him then…and I….."
"More than you needed me," he snapped. She turned to look at him.
"Look, Lux is a good person and he's a good person to be around."
"Oh and I'm not." Ahsoka bit her lip, "You broke my heart Ahsoka, I thought we had something special, I thought I trusted you. I thought I loved you, I thought wrong." Tears ran down Ahsoka's face as well as his. "Rex please?"
"If you want to apologize, don't bother the damage is done."
"Rex. Don't do this." Rex turned his
:iconphycomaniacs:Phycomaniacs 14 7
The Rick Deckard special by Raikoh-illust The Rick Deckard special :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 181 22 Ahsoka Tano by valval Ahsoka Tano :iconvalval:valval 207 15
Okay! Everyone! if you have read and liked the Star Wars, Our Version stories that I have written so far, We are holding a contest to see who can draw what they think Chloe, Izzi, and Aralina look like the best! Rules: They must be wearing clothes, and nothing inappropriate! We will announce the winner on May, 7th! Have them in by then! just send me them and I will judge them and then on May 7th, I will give you a pic of what they really look like! Please Post! We will give the winner a surprise on May 7! POST! POST! POST! POST! POST! POST! POST! POST! Leave comments if you are interested! Tell everyone you know who might be interested too! COMMENT AND POST AND COMMENT AND POST AND COMMENT AND POST!....
If you havent read the stories, read them!!!
if you want "extra points" you can draw what you think Ginger, Kaylor, and Nomi Look like! You don't have to draw them all!
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 0 27
Don't be shy Join the force by joaoMachay Don't be shy Join the force :iconjoaomachay:joaoMachay 41 7 Are You Hurt Master Kenobi by ElTheGeneral Are You Hurt Master Kenobi :iconelthegeneral:ElTheGeneral 739 134 Star Wars Galaxy 5: Ahsoka by grantgoboom Star Wars Galaxy 5: Ahsoka :icongrantgoboom:grantgoboom 1,965 124 Order roger roger by r-nami Order roger roger :iconr-nami:r-nami 186 27
Clone Wars: Balance
"Balance derives from equal parts of confusion and clarity."
Clone Commander Rex, who rarely went by his identification number CC-7567, strode with purpose down the long corridors of the flagship Resolute, the ship under the command of Admiral Yularen. Moving like the precise soldier he was, he held his helmet under his left arm, crooked perfectly in the curve of his elbow. While he walked, Rex passed by some of his fellow brethren and even some members of the admiral's crew that were not of Clone origin. Those who were below rank to him sharply stopped, pausing momentarily from whatever purpose they were in the midst of, and nodded their acknowledgement to him. Rex, in turn, did the same. It was a gesture of comradeship, a sign of respect, and a silent acknowledgement that they were all in the same fight together for the same purpose. It was orderly, neat, and predictable.
Ironically, any sense of predictability had been blown to hell as soon as he had bee
:iconmsmarajade:MsMaraJade 23 20
The corridor was brightly lit, even in the dead of the night. The deck felt cold under her barefeet, even though she knew it was temperature controlled. Ahsoka padded quietly along the black decking, moving quietly through the deserted corridor, trying not to be seen.
It's not that she couldn't be out of her quarters of her own free will. She was not a prisoner by any means, but her heading would be questionable should her master find her out of her quarters, in the middle of the night.
Ahsoka ducked around a corner and looked both ways. Most were sleeping soundly after a hard day of service to the Republic. The ship kept to Coruscanti time and that helped to regulate the day, even when away. From what Ahsoka understood, the clones had even been trained on Coruscanti time, even though they were on Kamino. It kept order.
She moved quickly down the corridor. The way was familiar to her, even with her eyes closed. She could feel where she was going, using the force as a guide.
:icontakianna:Takianna 19 16
Just Visiting
Title: Just Visiting
Characters: Ahsoka, Rex, various clones
Origin: Star Wars - The Clone Wars
Ahsoka was bored.
She had retired to her quarters some time before, but could not sleep, no matter whether she meditated or relaxed. She wanted something to do, but she didn’t have any ideas. Master Kenobi would likely be asleep or attending to some business, and she didn’t know what Anakin would be up to at this hour. She likely would just be annoying him if she went to go check, anyway, she decided.
She let out an audible sigh as she lay there on her bed, staring at the ceiling. There wouldn’t be any point to her patrolling the hall, as there were already clones assigned to such a duty, and the bridge would likely have just a night crew, or something like that. She wondered what captain Rex might be up to.
Her eyes widened. Rex. Of course. He’d likely still be awake. Ahsoka half-scrambled, half-rolled, off of her b
:iconmossnoth:MossNoth 76 35
Just In Time
Title: Just In Time
Characters: Ahsoka, Rex, Anakin, various clones
Origin: Star Wars - The Clone Wars
Rating: (G)

Ahsoka and Rex had been lying on the floor of the corridor for the past hour, their bodies nestled close together; and yet, it was not close enough. The hard, ungiving plates of his plastoid armor were in the way, but Ahsoka didn’t really mind; the uniform was a part of him, and thus part of what she liked about him. Rex had kissed her tenderly, then passionately, and then tenderly again, only pulling away to gaze at her.
He reached up to touch her face with his gloved fingertips, tracing the white marking on her cheeks and brow with a serene curiosity.
“Do you have more of these?” he asked, his voice husky but soft.
“Yes, but, um…elsewhere,” Ahsoka replied, her cheeks tinged russet. Rex’s eyes crinkled and he began to laugh; a low, slow, deep baritone rolling chuckle that made his chest vibrate. A w
:iconmossnoth:MossNoth 40 28
Clone Wars Ahsoka and Rex by thehaydenclone Clone Wars Ahsoka and Rex :iconthehaydenclone:thehaydenclone 68 21

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Welcome to Ahsoka-Tano-Pairings

Hey there! This group welcomes any and every Ahsoka pairing you can imagine! From Captain Rex to Darth Vader.
Ahsoka Pairings is here for two main purposes, to bring all Ahsoka Pairings together in one place to be easily found. And to bring appreciation and awareness to less known pairings. So please be kind to all other artists, you don't have to agree with there pairing. Just appreciate the Art. ;)

OK, I already decided that once we reach a certain amount of members we will have our first contest. So just keep in mind any possible ideas you have for a contest.
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